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About Numerology
Intro to Numerology

Have you every wished that your dog, cat, horse, bird or other animal came with an instruction book? Well, they do and in fact we all do! However, the instructions are written in numbers. Numerology translates the meanings of these numbers so that we can better understand ourselves, our animals and our environments. And when our numbers interact with other peoples, animals & in various circumstances, the results can be either naturally compatible or a dire challenge. For example why is it that your dog who loves you very much, won’t let you cuddle and accept affection? Or why does your thoroughbred racing horse, not like to race? Is there a reason why your animals behaviour changed when you moved locations? All of these questions may be answered simply by looking at the animal’s name and birth date!
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Numerology is the 2500 year old science of transcribing birth dates, names and life cycles into a single number. The Greek philosopher and mathematician; Pythagoras is widely known as the father of modern numerology, he researched and applied ancient numerology to the modern alphabet as we know it today.  He studied and taught his students the philosophy that all matter in the universe vibrates in a distinct harmonious (and sometimes not so harmonious) way. This harmony or melody can be calculated and thence reduced into a single number ranging from 1 to 9. Each of the numbers themselves holds its own distinctive energy and vibration.

Many ancient cultures traditionally used numerology systems to obtain deeper understanding of the universe, the environment, the seasons & cycles of life and to better understand their own individual traits.

The practical applications for numerology today are endless. Numerology is used define and understand talents, life purpose, goals, desires, characteristics as well as the challenge and opportunities you  (& your animals) may encounter in this lifetime. This science can be applied to everything existing in our universe…all things as we know them have at some stage experienced a birth and will inevitably experience a death. Even businesses, marriages or ideas all have a birth, a life and a death! Numerology is the tool used to analyse not only the potential path, but also the cycles that will be experienced for the duration of the persons, objects, animals or entities time on this plane.

From the moment we and our animals are conceived, numbers play an important part of our lives, from our birth dates to telephone numbers, house addresses, licences, important calendar dates etc! However it is not only the numbers that impact our lives but also names and words. Each letter in the alphabet holds a corresponding number valued from 1 to 9, therefore each letter sends out a precise energetic vibration and thus names and words also radiate their own energetic presence. For example, every time you call out your animals name you are sending a specific vibration to the animal - they will respond in accordance to whatever "tune" you are sending them!

How does it help?

Numerology is a self help tool! Compiling a numerology chart based on ones birth date and name, you will gain a vast insight into the true inner being, basically what makes them tick. When I compile your report I work with 5 important numbers derived from the name and birth date. Those numbers are known as;

Life Path (or Life Purpose)
This is the most influential number in our charts. Derived from the date of birth, the Life Path defines what we have chosen experience, the potential challenges, opportunities, people and events that we will encounter in this lifetime. Many of our traits, characteristics, habits and natural talents are found within the Life Path.
2. Soul Desire
Derived from the vowels in the animals name, the Soul Desire provides insight into what will fulfil the soul, what will make them happiest and at peace.
The Personality number
Derived from the consonants in the animals name, the personality explains "the face the animal shows the world" what others will perceive as their personality.
The Destiny Number
Derived from the total of the vowels and consonants of the animals name, the Destiny number outlines the "ultimate goal", what the soul is aiming to achieve in this lifetime.
The Birthday Number
if this is known, the day of birth provides additional insight into certain characteristics, traits and habbits.

In the case of your animals, you will understand why your animal behaves in a certain manner & why they like or dislike certain things. Most importantly you will learn what will truly fulfil them at a soul level….what will make them happiest. It is important to remember that animals are just like us…they don’t always know why they choose to do something in a particular way…they just do what feels best & naturally instinctual for them. Numerology will help you to understand why! And best of all it allows us to negotiate, compromise and make changes which will enhance the relationship you share. Having a greater insight into your animal’s strengths and weaknesses can even assist you dealing with behavioural issues such as conflict with other household pets. The applications and benefits are endless.

What info is required?

All I need is the animal’s first name and their birth date. If you do not know your animals birth date I can work on a number of different calculations such as the date you purchased or came into acquaintance with them or even the number/code they were assigned at the animal shelter.
If I am doing a compatibility report I will need the names and birth dates of both parties.

Individual Report
Using your animals name and birth date (if known) I will provide you with the 5 important numbers (above) which will assist you in gaining precious insight into your pets innermost needs and desires.
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Compatibility Report

In the world of numerology each number interacts with the other numbers. The results of these interactions can be broken down into three different states, 1. The natural match numbers, 2.The numbers that are compatible & 3. The numbers that pose certain challenges when put together, otherwise these numbers are known as toxic numbers

The Compatiblity report allows you to understand the relationship plus the needs and wants of each party. It is a great opportunity to realise each others strengths and weaknesses as well as seeing where you can assist each other in your lives together.

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