Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by an encounter with another being. Each of us owes the deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this inner light.

....Albert Schweitzer


This Month...
Rats, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs ~ Test your skills ~ AWL Dogs Breakfast ~ Party Pets
See Leah in person at Pet Supplies Direct & Brisbane's Petacular
~ Simba & Sooty ~ Nora the piano playing cat!


From Leah....

Leah & Boys  
Wow, what a fantastic month (or so..) it has been. Firstly, I need to extend bucket loads of gratitude to everyone who was so gracious and flexible when I needed to re-schedule appointments and was not in contact for a number of days. Your kind thoughts and prayers for my dads surgery and recuperation have been warmly received and very beneficial.
There are so many great things to talk about this month including our fun morning at the AWL Dogs Breakfast, my up coming day in the Pet Supplies Direct store at Harbourtown and your opportunity to come and see me at the Brisbane Petacular. This month I am also sharing stories about Rats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and some 3 very talented cats..Sooty, Simba and Nora! I hope you enjoy it all......

A little bit more about me... Quite often clients and prospective clients want to know a little more about my professional & working background..which is fair enough to me. So here goes...

Always the creative one, I started out in Advertising. Although I enjoyed it, am not one to like sitting down in an office all day. So, I moved my creative talents to Interior design and decoration..I got to be creative and active at the same time. I continued to incorporate my experience in advertising and design by working with major retailers in store design & decoration it was wonderful, one day I would be designing & drawing then the next I would be up a ladder with a drill and hammer! Skip forward a few years and my husband and I were living in Southern California. It was whilst we were living in So Cal that I was "re-introduced" to the world of Animal Communication by Sonya Fitzpatrick. I found myself once again..in an office environment as a graphic designer. It took about 18 months for me to once again get itchy feet about being in an office, so I turned my love of health and fitness into a career and became a Personal Trainer.

Back in Australia, I added Massage Therapy to my repertoire. I realised how much I enjoyed working with animals as I practiced my massage skills on my two (Boxer) boys & Nowra the black cockatoo! It was also at this stage that I began communicating with Nowra. I am also a Reiki II practitioner (for people and animals!). That is a very brief run down on where I've been!

As I look back, I realise how each journey has lead to the next & I am now utilising all the skills and knowledge that I have gained along the way! I have always had a fascination with health, healing & metaphysics. My connection with animals has been prominent throughout my entire life. In fact many different animals have played a large role in each step of my journey. If it were not for my previous jobs and careers I would not be where I am today...that is, very blessed to be dealing with beautiful animals and people every day!

.......Leah xxx
Tips and Exercises to increase your animal communication skills...
Automatic Writing  
Automatic writing.....
"How do I know if what I am getting is coming from me or the animal?" This is a very commonly asked question. Most of the time we assume that all of the "inner dialogue" we see & hear is our own. Therefore, we tend to question whether we have received communication from the animal or if it is our mind and logic kicking in. Most of the time you will assume that you are making it up. One of the best ways to learn to filter out your own thoughts and logic is to begin regular automatic writing sessions. Automatic writing has been used for decades. Writers, journalists & composers have used automatic writing to get their creative juices flowing, it has been used as a therapeutic & counseling tool and it is also great for understanding how information is received from the animals. As you get into "the zone" of automatic writing you will begin to notice that your hand cannot keep up with what is formulating in your "mind". If you begin to write a question, you will notice that the answer arrives before you have finished writing the question. That is how it works with animals - it is instantaneous!
How to get started with Automatic Writing....
  Set aside a regular 10-20mins everyday.
Grab a large notepad or loose paper and a comfortable pen or pencil. You will need lots of space and paper. For some people loose paper is better because it won't interrupt the flow.
Take a few deep breaths, tell your "higher self" that you are ready to start writing whatever "it" needs to express. (It is almost like you are taking dictation from your self!).
Put pen to paper and start writing the first thing that comes to mind.
This is not a journal writing session. Don't start with "Today I......" If you go blank start writing that you are going blank and don't know what to write. Ask for guidance. Write the words and visions you hear and see in your mind.
Write as fast and as messy as you feel necessary, don't go back and fix spelling errors or wrong words (there aren't any!). You don't even have to be able to read this again. The purpose is not to write something for later reference..the purpose is simply to "let it go and let it flow!!"
Keep writing, don't hesitate, don't stop the pen/pencil moving, doodle if you have too ..just don't stop!
(note: if your hand cramps because it isn't used to writing so much....start with 5 minutes and build up)
Notice how while your hand is writing, the next "thought" is already coming in.
When you get to the bottom of the page either turn the page or throw aside the piece you are working on with minimal interruption.
  Stop when you feel necessary. Thank your self and reflect on what you have just experienced!
Test Your Own Animal Communication Skills...... Ask Sedona a Question!!!


Build your confidence! Try your own photo reading with Sedona!

Click on Sedonas photo (left) and print out the (pdf) image.
Sit down with the photo and clear your mind of chatter. Focus on Sedona's image in your minds eye.
Take some deep breaths & ask Sedona if he would like to communicate with you? You will automatically see, hear or feel a Yes or No!
Ask Sedona the following questions.....
1. What is your age?
2. Share with me some of your favourite activities!
  3. Do you have another name that you are sometimes called? What is it?
Sedona will give you his answers in the next Newsletter!
Have fun with it....expect the unexpected &
Remember there can be more than one correct answer!
Rabbits, Rats and Guinea Pigs.....

I love to embrace the fact that animal communication is not limited to the dogs, cats, horses & birds we so often love to share our homes with. Last month I had some wonderful opportunities to communicate with Rats, Rabbits, Guineas Pigs & Turtles! And Yes, they do all communicate in the same manner as the dogs, cats, birds and horses! Just like us, some are more talkative, some are a little wiser and some just like to be the clown and have fun!
I am thrilled to be given permission to share some photos and brief accounts of some of the lovely animals I have been honoured to talk with.

Misty, Zippy & Pigs

Lilly, Crackers & Tigger
Shiva & Diva
Many thanks to Rachael, VIC
Many thanks to Dewi, QLD
Many thanks to Michelle, NSW
Rachael certainly has her hands full with this crowd! As I write this today, Misty has recently undergone major surgery, so please extend your prayers and healing energy to her and her people!
These very intelligent rats were so helpful, they even displayed themselves wearing little t-shirts with letters on them so I could distinguish who was who. Lilly, bless her little soul communicated from spirit as she crossed over the night prior to our reading!
How fortunate am I?! Getting to communicate with two sets of beautiful rabbits in one week! Shiva had recently passed into spirit, but came through with some loving words & Diva lived up to her name and shone like a star!
Home Visit of the Month...... "Sooty & Simba"

Sooty & Simba

Jason & Johanna from the Paws & Claws Pet & Wildlife Journal asked me to communicate with their gorgeous cats Sooty & Simba. They provided some great photos & I followed up my communication via a home visit instead of the usual telephone consult.

It was a great reading! Simba and Sooty were very anxious to have their say and I loved the great questions that both Jason and Johanna asked.

It is quite common for some people to be hesitant in asking questions. Many are still a little skeptic & believe that everything should come from me/the animal.

However, it is important to remember that it is you , the client, who is wanting to know certain things & if you sit there and wait....it really is like me sitting there with only one end of the telephone line working. I will generally start asking "routine" questions just to keep the energy flowing. The more interactive you are the more you will get from your reading and your animal.
You can find out some of what Sooty and Simba had to say in the next edition of
"Paws & Claws Pet & Wildlife Journal" Due out this Month!
Animal Welfare League Dogs Breakfast Sunday February 25th at Doug Jennings Park - The Spit
Leah & Boys

We had a great morning at the AWL Annual Dogs Breakfast! I don't know who enjoyed it more, us or the dogs! It was fantastic to see such a great variety of sizes and shapes (don't worry I am talking about the dogs!) from the tiniest Chihuahua to the biggest Mastiffs & Dane's. You are all gorgeous!

The AWL's Dog Breakfast promotes awareness & aims at eliminating unnecessary euthanasia of healthy cats & dogs. Thousands of perfectly healthy dogs & cats are put to sleep each year simply because a loving home cannot be found for them. Lets all work towards Zero euthanasia for all animals!

Highlight: The whole morning was one big highlight, but you know there aren't to many businesses where it is o.k for your client to pinch your food! But in my business, it just adds to the joy of working with animals. Fyre you are a champion...not only did you pinch my donut, but you did it with such style...in a split second, swallowed it whole and still managed to smile so innocently. I know, you just wanted to raise more funds for the AWL by making me buy another one....You go girl!

It was also great to see some of you there supporting the AWL!

Leah & Boys
Although our two boys did not go to the Dogs Breakfast, we made up for it and had our own. Pirate & I wore our Zero Euthanasia T-Shirt and DoggyDana, while Sedona wore his racing DoggyDana (looks a bit more like a dinner napkin - which suits him perfectly!)
Leah & Boys

Pirate reads the info on Zero Euthanasia from my T-shirt, whilst Sedona looks for more treats.

Many thanks to Rachael, Joy and the Volunteers at the Gold Coast AWL.

A Big thanks to all the people and pups who made the day a great success!
30 Minute in person readings ..... Pet Supplies Direct, Harbourtown.

Saturday March 24th, 2007
will be conducting readings in store.
Bring your pet or a photo.

30 minute in person readings $50
Book directly through the store
Telephone: (07) 5500-5435

Pet Supplies Direct
Brisbane Pet Expo

The Spectacular Petacular
17th & 18th March 2007
10am to 6pm

The address...
The Avenues
Gregory Terrace
Bowen Hills, Brisbane
Come and see me in person. I am attending the Brisbane Petacular in support of The Parrot Rescue Centre.
When it comes to Animal Communication there are always questions to be asked. So this will be a great opportunity for you to come and ask me as many questions as you like or even just share some stories about your own experiences. For all of the bird and parrot lovers, The Parrot Rescue Centre will have plenty of great information, toys and supplies that your feathered friends will just love you for. See you there........

What is the Spectacular Petacular?
Animals, animals and more animals is what this fantastic concept is all about. Held in the animal friendly RNA Showgrounds there will be animals from dogs, cats, birds, fish and reptiles to camels, alpacas, horses and even little hermit crabs. There will be amazing stands featuring everything possible for pets of all kinds. The Spectacular Petacular is coming to Brisbane on 17th and 18th March 2007.

Amazing Animal Stories....Nora the piano playing cat
Not only is Nora a beautiful feline, but she is quite talented too! She made her debut on www.youtube.com and has never looked back. She is now famous all over the world making radio and television appearances.

Nora does not just randomly tap the piano keys, but she actually plays tunes - at times resting her head and ears on the keys - just like one famous composer we know of!

Click on Nora's photo's to see and hear her extraordinary piano playing skills:
Spotlight on......Party Pets
Party Pets
Forget about Tupperware or Lingerie parties.....A Party Pets party is the one to have!
Invite your pet loving friends around and have them shop in the comfort of your own home with the Party Pets fabulous range of quality, sometimes exclusive products!

Party Pets have created a wonderful opportunity for pets and their people alike! A Party Pets presentation is the combination of shopping for your pet products with some good old fashion fun! Displayed and demonstrated in the comfort of your home, we have a huge selection of pet products ranging from the practical necessities to the luxurious, all designed to pamper your pets and help keep them happy and content. A Party Pets presentation offers a fabulous time for the host and guests alike. Party Pets is for everyone who loves their pet!

Great Read....
Marley & Me  

Title: Marley & Me
Author: John Grogan
Web site: www.marleyandme.com
I spontaneously bought Marley & Me whilst waiting at the airport in early February. It is a great book! A true story about the life, loves and adventures of Marley the yellow Lab and his people. From the very first few chapters you will undoubtedly fall in love with Marley's personality and troublesome traits. He will make you laugh and he will make you cry!
The book is well written with the authors sense of humour and perspectives on Marley easily flowing onto the pages. This is an infectious read...you will want to keep reading just to find out what Marley does next! What I loved most about this book, is its simplistic storyline....it is not rocket science, it is just a wonderful biographical story about the relationships Marley and his family experience & how they loved him just the way he is.
Word of warning: Tissues are required!

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