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From Leah.... A Special thanks to two Cockatiels "Scrappy and Peaches"

Welcome to 2007....and what a year it is shaping up to be! Over the Christmas-New Year period I continued to meet many wonderful animals and their people, some of those you will meet in this Newsletter.

I have so many exciting things to talk about, that I don't know where to start. Firstly I have to pay a bucket load of gratitude to a little industrious Cockatiel named "Scrappy" and his friend "Peaches".

Scrappy's is a great story to illustrate how big a part animals play in "divine" meetings and assisting us to cross paths with certain people. In November last year I received a phone call from the editors of the Paws & Claws Pet and Wildlife Journal. Their two Cockatiels; Peaches and Scrappy had flown away for a big adventure. We organised a telephone consultation to see if I could connect with the two busy birds and attempt to get them home.

To cut a long story short Peaches made it home safe and sound but, Scrappy had other business to attend to. Now, Scrappy is such a wonderful little soul. He is one of those little birds that goes from place to place changing the lives of the people with whom he lives. He had fluttered into the lives of the Paws and Claws team just the same way! Don't worry - Scrappy is fine and happy with a new family. In the meantime Jason and Johanna from Paws & Claws now have a happy family of four Cockatiels (one of them a Scrappy look-a-like) and Peaches fell in love then became a very proud & protective Dad!

So, with gallons of thanks to Scrappy (& Peaches) I have been invited to become a part of the Paws & Claws team with a regular section in their fantastic Free Pet and Wildlife Journal. Not forgetting to mention that through Scrappy's planning, our meeting with Jason and Johanna also coincided with Paws & Claws launching a brilliant, exciting and very resourceful new web site, www.pawsandclawsjournal.com.au! Please check out their web site and magazine. Of course I also offer my sincerest thanks to Jason and Johanna for having the faith in what I do and for giving the animals of their readers a voice!

Paws & Claws
.......Leah xxx
Tips and Exercises to increase your animal communication skills...
Pippin's Tip  

How often do you ask questions and talk about an animal as if the animal is not there? For example we are always asking the animals people questions like "What is his name?", "How old is she?" "What does he eat?", "How did she go at the vet?" & "Do you take them to the water?" etc......

From now on, just before you open your mouth to speak, mentally ask the animal first. Then check the answer with the owner. You will be surprised at how often you have the correct answer. This will help improve your confidence!

This really works because at that moment your full intention is to find out the answer & you really do want to know the answer...you aren't asking a question just to see if "you can do it"! There is a difference.

What's New on our web site?.....New Pages
Whats New

We have made some changes to the Animal Instincts Web site to enhance the information available to our clients and those just wanting to find out more about Animal Communication and Intuition.

We offer our personal thanks to those who send in their testimonials, feedback and allow us to place photos of their animal companions in the Testimonials section.
Please check out some of the new pages.

Comments and photos from a selection of happy clients.

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Home Visit of the Month......Sam and "Jemma, Buckley, Cooper, Jahzara & Chilli"

Jemma, Cooper, Buckley, Jahzara & Chilli

I had the pleasure of meeting a great family this month. Sam invited me over to meet and talk with her family of Australian Shepherds; Cooper & Buckley being the mature 6 year olds, Jazhara 18 months and Chilli 8 months.

I love having the opportunity to really see and feel the animals home environments and I can physically see how they interact with each other and their people. It is a different perspective from what I receive when communicating via distance. When I am communicating by distance I really only see the animals perspective.

Sam and her crew were wonderful, Jahzara and Cooper had a great opportunity to tell Sam how they were feeling and we were able to resolve some issues. We were also blessed with some insightful guidance from Jemma - who is "chasing raindrops at the bridge". This is a beautiful family.

Background: Jemma
Front (left to right): Buckley, Chilli, Cooper and Jahzara.

Animal Stars....For the ones that have "gone home" but continue to love and guide us from the stars
Zoe Morris
Zoe Morris
Animal Type/Breed:
10 years & 3months
Zoe's People:
Mark, Debra, Karly and Alana
When did Zoe "Go Home":
January 8th 2007
About Zoe:
Zoe holds a special place in our hearts.
She is part of a family of very close personal friends of ours. Always smiling and happy to do the Rotti "bum wag", Zoe considered herself the "Grand old lady of the house". A matriarchal protector of the family and the home. If Zoe could have a perfect weekend (and she had many!) it would include perhaps a morning bath followed by a lovely, rough towel dry and may be sit at the door watching and waiting for visitors.
A ride in the ute with Dad would be fun too! Summertime would also include watching out for the kids by the pool. After a busy morning a snooze on her new bed is a welcome treat. Upon waking, a good tummy rub that would induce a bout of happy sneezes always got the family smiling. Then it would be time to take a walk and visit the neighbours just to see how everyone is. She would get back home in time for some dinner and wait for the barbeque guests to arrive (& hope that there just might be a second dinner of barbeque leftovers!) She loved to listen to the family and friends talking and laughing, but would sometimes get a little impatient waiting for that sausage, bread roll or piece of leftover steak - but it smelt so goooood! As much as she loved the parties and b-b-q's there comes a time when an old girl needs to get some sleep..so she would retire to bed with a happy smile on her face and in her heart...knowing that her family was safe and happy, knowing that she had done her job for the day!
Zoe is missed and loved by not only her family, but also by all of the neighbours, extended family and friends that she so often spent time with. After meeting up with her friend "Bear", together they now watch over the family, and you can bet that they will attend every barbeque, party and family function.

Golden Oldies ... They may be in their Senior years but they still live and love to the fullest
Sam's Person:
I recently met Sam and his person, Jeff during a home visit consultation. Sam actually inspired this particular section of my newsletter where I will introduce some "Golden Oldie" Animals. Our older companions have travelled through many life experiences with us - they have laughed with us, they have cried with us and they have taught us and enriched our lives more than we could have ever imagined. Whether they have been with us since they were a little bundle of fluff or if they entered our lives in later years, they will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Sam is an amazing soul! I can't bring myself to say "adorable" (even though he is!) because he presents himself to me like a "wise old man" who knows what is best for his person and strives to bring that into their lives.
Sam is at the beautiful age of 15 and is still one to love getting outdoors on the surf ski, going for a ride or even just getting Jeff to take some time-out in a park (watch out for large holes though Sam!). He does suffer some of the typical aging symptoms but can certainly hold his own during playtime. I felt so blessed and privileged to have met both Sam and Jeff - two great guys!
Amazing Animal Stories.... A Tale of two Cockies
Photo: www.juliusbergh.com

I was recently sent an e-mail with a link to the most fantastic and beautiful love story. I could not resist sharing this with those who have not had the opportunity to read the story and view the beautiful photos.

I won't spoil it by telling you what it is about except to say that it is one of the millions of stories that prove without a doubt that animals think, feel, love, make decisions & choices and above all have a purpose of their own. The photos are great, the story is touching and I bet you save the link and e-mail it on to your friends.

Not just for bird lovers - but for anyone who has ever fallen in love themselves!

Please, Please view this awesome web site and story...don't forget to click the "Next Page" link/button to make sure read the whole lot. Enjoy it and remember that no matter where you are or what physical limitations you may think you have...love will come looking for you!

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