"A bird does not sing because it has an answer.
 It sings because it has a song."
....Chinese Proverb

This Month...
Strengthening your Psychic vision ~ Sedona's answers ~ Web site to find lost pets
Rajah ~ Dempsey ~ Newfoundland family ~ Lucy & Niki ~ Jaya & Pixie
Are you and your animal compatible? ~ Disney Kids ~ The Parrot Rescue Centre

From Leah.... Thank you Queensland, Hello Sydney!

Leah & Boys  
Well, winter is almost here and I am heading south...but I will be staying a little longer. As of May 20th I will be permanently based in southern NSW, just south of Sydney. My new location will be in the Shoalhaven region, home to some of Australia's most pristine beaches, the glorious Jervis Bay, crystal clear waterways and untouched national parks! I will be feeling like I am on a permanent holiday!

I extend huge amounts of love and gratitude to all the people and animals I have met whilst living on the Gold Coast. Queenslanders are super friendly and they are big animal lovers! Don't worry, I will be back from time to time so keep a watch out for dates which I will post on my web site!

However sad I will be to leave such warm and wonderful people (and the weather!), I am excited to meet some of you southerners. Of course my new location will not change the telephone consultations (other than a new phone number!) and my in-person readings will allow me to reach a whole new group of people and animals!

This newsletter is jam packed with stories from all over the world as I have included a new section to highlight my international clients. I hope you enjoy reading it! Thank you Queensland, I will be seeing you again!

Special note: Email difficulties
Please note that over the last month or so I have been having technical difficulties with sending and receiving e-mails, therefore if you have sent me an e-mail and have not yet received a response from me - I apologise.
Chances are 1. I did not receive it at all or 2. My outgoing response is still floating in cyberspace!
Feel free to re-send any important messages or call me on 0427-157-156!

.......Leah xxx
I've been Nominated for a Paws and Claws Award....
Paws and Claws Awards
Exercise: Finding your "Psychic Eye" ......
Third Eye Exercise  
Are you a visual thinker? Do you receive your intuitive insights visually like I do?
Clairvoyance is the ability to see intuitive information in your minds eye. It is also known as the "Third eye", "Inner eye", "Clear-seeing" etc. This is how I primarily receive communication and information from the animals. Don't be overly concerned if you are not a "visual" person. We each have our own strengths. Some of us "Hear", "Feel" or "Just know things" more prominently. Many people get confused and believe that in order to "see" clairvoyantly you must physically see something right there in front of you. This is not so. The following exercise demonstrates where you will see those images in your minds eye.

When I communicate with an animal I don't look at the animal or the person. Most of the time I will be looking at a blank spot somewhere, whether it be a wall, floor or I may even just be gazing into "space" this is not because I am being rude, it is just so that I can eliminate physical visual distractions and focus on the images in my "mind". Like watching an invisible television screen!

I found this exercise in John Hollands book "Psychic Navigator". A great exercise that I want to share with you. John Holland is a fantastic and highly credible U.S. based medium, I highly recommend his books; Born Knowing, Psychic Navigator & Power of the Soul
Training and Developing your Clairvoyant Eye ....
  In a dimly lit room, light a candle.
Sit down, take a few deep breaths, relax your eyes and stare at the flame - just until your eyes start to water.
Now, close your eyes, place the palm of each hand over each eye to completely black everything out
Direct your attention to the area in between your eyes, just above the bridge of your nose.
You should start to notice an image of a flame flickering just above the bridge of your nose. Keep looking at the flame in your "minds eye" until it starts to disappear.
Repeat the exercise for 10-15 minutes.

This exercise assists in strengthening your "third-eye" as well as providing a physical indicator of where to look for intuitive images and symbols. Next time you need to ask a question or make a decision, close your eyes and focus on the "third-eye" area just above the bridge of your nose. Take note of any images, symbols, colours, objects you see.

Test Your Own Animal Communication Skills...... THREE MORE QUESTIONS FOR SEDONA!


Build your confidence! Try your own photo reading with Sedona!

Click on Sedona's photo (left) and print out the (pdf) image.
Sit down with the photo and clear your mind of chatter. Focus on Sedona's image in your minds eye.
Take some deep breaths & ask Sedona if he would like to communicate with you? You will automatically see, hear or feel a Yes or No!
Three NEW questions to ask him .....
1. What is your role or job in the household?
2. How do you feel about Pirate!
  3. Tell me about the adventure you had (on your own) when you were young! Where did you go? Who did you see? How did you feel?
Answers to last Newsletters questions!
What is your age?
Sedona will be 5 in July. So he may have told you 4 or 5.
Share with me some of your favourite activities!
Loves chasing, catching, fetching & chewing balls! Tennis balls are his favourite. Loves to wake us up between 5 and 6 am (depending on the season!) for his morning walk. He really is our alarm clock. Loves going to the beach. He may have even complained that we don't go as often as he would like to! He would also consider breakfast and dinner a favourite activity! He also loves to sit right at our feet while we work. And he probably would have mentioned afternoon play time! He also has a thing for bathroom towels!
Do you have another name that you are sometimes called? What is it?
Yes he does have a nickname. You would be correct if you received any of these as answers:
Teddy Bear, Ted, Ted E. Bear or just plain Teddy!
Dempsey from New Jersey, USA
Dempsey Demsey & Neo  

Many thanks to Megan & Dempsey, New Jersey USA

Dempsey has a whole lot of love to give and there is a wonderful soul inside his handsome body! Megan and I had a great communication with Dempsey, his three feline companions and his new buddy Neo! Dempsey is currently experiencing some health concerns so we send him and his family loads of healing prayers & love!

Newfoundland family from Yorkshire, UK
Princess Leah
Many thanks to Shirley and her beautiful family of Newfoundland's from Yorkshire U.K.
Right: Shirley and her "Coloured Pony Penny"

I could not resist showing off this wonderful family and paying respects to Shirley who not only loves and cares for these amazing souls but also dedicates and expends an enormous amount of love and energy into rescuing Newfoundland's. Sophie, Leah, Troy, Hero and Chelsea are all in spirit. Mum and her three kids came through to communicate with great enthusiasm and we discovered that Hero is having a great time with his pal "Buffy"! A second reading brought through another sibling who lived most of his life in Scotland so I'd also like to make a special mention to "Scottish Hero" who has recently joined his family in spirit.


Troy, Hero & Chelsea Scottish Hero
"Troy, Hero & Chelsea"
The Scottish sibling
"Scottish Hero" a.k.a. Scotty
Not leaving out "Penny" the stunning Cob mare who is also in spirit & considers herself Shirley's best friend! Shirley has written a lovely testimonial which I would love to share with you. Lots of love to Shirley & her partner.
From the other side ...... "Rajah"


It thrills me when an animal in spirit comes through with great strength and clearly has many messages for their people. Rajah, pictured left, is one of those animals.

I absolutely love it when they are so eager to share stories, bring up past events and happy times. I really get a buzz, just as much as the animals people do. Rajah and his person, Kay had a very successful consultation where Raj gladly helped to validate that he is ok and gave very specific evidence that he is still very much in touch & looking out for his people.

We all had an energetic high after this one. Many thanks Raj & Kay!

Has your animal got your number? Using Numerology to understand your animal........
Animal Numerology
I have been fascinated with numerology for a number of years. Ever since I can remember I have been "followed around" by certain sequences of numbers. By this I mean that I frequently see or hear these numbers in many places and in various situations. Therefore I have endeavoured to find out what they mean. In my studies of numerology I have also discovered the importance of the numbers in our lives. Numerology can reveal a whole lot about a person, animal, business, residence, relationship & many other areas of our lives. The accuracy is astonishing.

For example I have had experiences where a client would like to know why their animal either likes or dislikes something and many times the animal has no other explanation than simply answering "I just don't like to do that". Just like us, sometimes they don't know why they do the things they do. One animal may love physical affection whereas another likes to be independent - for no other reason than it is just what makes them feel fulfilled!
By doing my own Numerology charts I have learnt alot about myself. I now understand my own behaviours, why I am so driven to do one thing and not another, the people I am compatible with and those who may be a challenge, how I am perceived from others perspective, my Life Path & the lessons I will learn in this lifetime. I've also discovered what this year will bring, my lucky days and numbers and so much more.......

I began to test numerology on my own animals to understand what fulfills them at a soul level and what they need to do to satisfy their desires. I also wanted to discover their "blueprint". Once again the results were spot on!

The best part is, you don't have to know your animals birth date - so you can even use it on the animals you have rescued!

Over the last few months I have also been doing some numerology reports with existing clients and the feedback has been phenomenal. Not only has the numerology helped people understand their animals, but the people themselves have also reported great benefits from learning about their own Life Path, Soul Desire, Personality and Attitudes!

Here are a sample of areas that Numerology can help your animals:

  • Identifying your animals Life Path (their "blueprint") - what makes them tick, what they are here to learn and to achieve?As I mentioned above, just like us they don't always know this either. They are trying to figure it all out too!
  • What fulfils them at a Soul level? For example:
    Your dog's Soul desire may be to; love & be loved, make people laugh, entertain, uplift and motivate others. Whereas you may have plans to enter this dog into serious, competitive agility events! You can almost guarantee that you will have serious misunderstandings as to why this dog just won't perform like you want them too and may do (what you believe to be) silly things....when all they want to do is make you laugh! They wouldn't be driven to win or be number one! You would be much better off entering a dog whose numbers are all about being "Number One" and winning. A dog that loves physical exercise, competition and personal victories!
  • Discovering if the animals in your household are compatible or why they are not getting on!
    Example: An animal may tell me that they don't like the other pet. This doesn't solve the problem so, by looking at their numbers I can help the animals and the people to understand why it may be and how to adjust their perceptions on things so that everyone gets on!
  • Choosing the most appropriate name for your pet
    The names we give our animals are so important - numerologically it can define their personalities and traits. Names carry a very strong energetic vibration this is why we so often give a name, but then as we get to know them we begin to use a nickname or a completely different name that seems to resonate with their character.
  • Finding out if your pet is happy to be on their own or if they would be better with companions
    Their numbers can tell us if they are happiest on their own or if they need companionship.
  • Helping to understand fears and anxieties
    Example: If your pets numbers show that he is happiest when he is in a safe and secure environment but they display fears and anxieties; you can begin to accommodate his needs by re-evaluating his environment so he does feel safe and secure!
  • and the list goes on.......

I will be offering Numerology reports and readings in the very near future. Stay tuned for the details. Alternatively, if you would like to submit your interest and get in early, please Contact me.
Reports and readings can be done for people, animals, couples, children, businesses, potential partners, relatives....the applications are endless!

Thank you to ..... Pet Supplies Direct, Harbourtown.

A big thank-you to Lori, Michael and the wonderful staff at Pet Supplies Direct, Harbour Town for having me in your fantastic store!

Pet Supplies Direct
Choose from a huge range of pet supplies, accessories, food and supplements (at great prices) and fabulous, friendly & caring service......
visit Pet Supplies Direct!
Animal Communication and Kids.......Leah in the April Disney Adventures Magazine

Disney Adventures

Some say never work with children or animals, as for me - I love both! Last month I was featured in the kids magazine "Disney Adventures". I was incredibly excited to participate in an interview for the magazines section called "Pet Zone".

I always encourage kids to talk with animals, mainly because they do it so naturally and easily. It is only when a child starts school and is using the other analytical and logical side of the brain that they (we) begin to loose touch with their natural intuition.

if you have a toddler and would like to know how your family pet is feeling or what they want - ask your child. Take the answer as it comes.

Don't laugh at them or say they are silly! Most importantly don't put your words or logic in their minds. Also, children can see, feel and hear animals that have passed into spirit from the time the are born up until they are around 5-7 years of age. So, when your little one starts talking (or baby-babbling!) about the puppy or pussy cat that you can't see. Instead of saying there is nothing there....ask them what the puppy or pussy cat is doing. It is more than likely that it is a deceased pet from your past! Click here to read the interview
Jaya and her pony Pixie...
Pixie & Jaya
Look at these two beautiful girls! Jaya's mum is a wonderful client with whom I have had previous consultations with (see Merlot & Milli ). I was absolutely thrilled when Jaya joined our telephone reading to ask Pixie some questions! And she did a fantastic job. Pixie is a delight and Jaya discovered just how much Pixie adores her! Pixie confirmed that it is not only Jaya that loves grooming, ribbons and decorations - Pixie loves it too! This photo was taken after our telephone reading and look at those ribbons! Thankyou Toni, Jaya & Pixie!
Two very special souls!
Niki & Lucy
Meet Lucy and Niki
I really am very fortunate to meet many special people and their animals. I first met (via telephone) Lucy and her two feline kids Niki and Bobo last year. Niki had been displaying a number of disturbing physical symptoms and baffled all kinds of alternative & traditional medical practitioners. Niki was able to communicate how she was feeling but could not pinpoint (or did not know) what was causing her symptoms. When our animal companions become mysteriously ill we do everything possible to find a solution & help ease their suffering. Therefore, although our companions have the illness, we too take the journey with them!
Lucy's beautiful Niki passed into spirit on April 22nd. She began her journey from the comfort of her home, surrounded by beautiful music, candles and her most treasured love one - Lucy!

Lucy and Niki
In honour of Niki...I'd like to acknowledge Lucy and all animal carers who expend their love, energy and resources to assist ill, ailing or physically challenged animals. You are all amazing! Love and blessings to Niki and Lucy!
Spotlight on......The Parrot Rescue Centre
As a person who lives with two companion parrots I am very aware the specific needs for these amazing animals. Parrots have been kept as pets for decades. Many of us in Australia are familiar with knowing of someone who owns a Sulfur Crested Cockatoo, Galah or Corella. Sadly, most of the time you would see the bird sitting in a small wire "cocky cage" on a single dowel perch with a bowl of sunflower seed and a bowl of water and that is it. At first the bird would be a novelty as it began to talk and mimic - maybe do some funny tricks! Then, "for some strange reason" the bird would start to scream - constantly. After a few months of screaming the bird may start to pull out it's feathers and chew them, then they may start to self mutilate. All the while, the un-educated owner would blame the bird and decide to get rid of it........ So where does the bird go...who is going to take on a screaming, biting, health afflicted, emotionally wounded bird! This is a very sad, but unfortunately a very common story.

Where can people get educated about the care, requirements and needs of our beautiful native & indigenous parrots?
The good news is, there is somewhere for these birds to go and there is a place where you and others can get educated about caring for these intelligent and magnificent creatures.
Zarita & Harry

The Parrot Rescue Centre is dedicated to improving the lives of suffering, abused and unwanted pet parrots by providing an appropriate environment for their individual needs. One of our main aims is to educate as many people as possible on the correct diet, housing, enrichment and training of parrots.

Zarita Garozzo, Director of the Parrot Rescue Centre is pictured here with a new resident Harry, the African Grey Parrot. Harry is loving his new home!
So, what is the Parrot Rescue Centre? I have outlined below what the PRC does and how they do it:
The www.parrotrescuecentre.com web site is a resource I recommend all parrot carers bookmark it! The web site has so much information, great links and a fantastic On-Line Shop
  • Information on correct diet and nutrition
  • Housing and environment requirements
  • Appropriate enrichment for your particular bird
  • Taming, training and behaviour management
  • Names & contact details to ACCREDITED AVIAN VETS in your state
  • A regular E-Newsletter with up-to date information and news.
  • Stories about some of the rescued and rehabilitated birds
  • Information on the Sanctuary
  • Parrot Adoption
  • Surrendering a bird
  • Pet Parrot Pre-School (yes, there is a Pet Parrot Pre-school)
  • Educational articles, recommended books and videos
  • A Bird Boarding Service for when you need to go away.
All this and bucket loads more can be found on their web site
The On-Line Shop
Has everything you need to keep your parrot healthy, happy and entertained!
  • Parrot specific food: Pellet mixes, high quality seed & Nuts in Shells.
    "Bird can not live on sunflower seed alone!"
  • Safe & Non-toxic Aviary and cage accessories: Bowls, Cleaning agents, Perches, Swings etc
  • A HUGE variety of the best birdy toys you have every seen. I get so excited at buying them for our girls - because I know how much they love them!
  • Loads of Natural toys & Swings, Chew things. Made from all the things these guys were born to chew - dried Gum nuts, Seeds and Pods! The birds love them!
  • Check out a sample of the PRC shop (displayed in the photo below) at Aprils Petacular Expo in Brisbane
PRC Shop
A BIG Thank You to Zarita & the PRC for allowing me to join them at the Brisbane Petacular!
The Programs
If you have a bird you know to be in danger or if you have a bird you can no longer keep
Please Contact the PRC
The PRC does not judge or ridicule anyone who has mistreated a bird through lack of education. The health, well-being and future of the bird is their only concern. Never feel embarrassed to surrender your bird if you can no longer care for it. It is in the birds best interest for you to do so!

Bird Boarding Services
Never worry about leaving your bird with some one who doesn't know how to handle them again.
Go on holidays and know that your parrot is having a great holiday him/herself.
The PRC Bird Boarding services are great. Tailored specifically to your parrots needs. Boarders receive personal attention, fresh food, toys to play with, things to chew, perfectly safe environment and fabulous enrichment.
Boarders range from the dainty Cockatiels up to the majestic Macaws. No bird is too big or small!
Just to prove it Click Here to see some happy guests!

The Parrot Rescue Centre is a privately owned and managed establishment.
All profits from the sale of goods from the On-line shop and Bird Boarding services go directly back into the running & administration of the business and for the care of Surrendered & Sanctuary birds.
All Donations are greatly appreciated.

Click Here to make your donation
Great Web Site....To help locate your lost pet
Call 1300 725 640
Australia Wide
*Lost Pet Finders are also available in New Zealand, USA, & Canada

What is the Pet Network & How does it work?
The Pet Network is a group of people and organisations commited to reuniting you and your pet.

  • First we send your pet’s description and picture to local councils, schools and vets etc.
  • Then we telephone as many people as possible in that area informing them about your lost pet.
  • We do this with a recorded message that can contact hundreds of people within hours.
  • If anyone is holding your pet or knows where it is they are then able to reply with a message of their own.
  • If not, you will have hundreds of people aware that your pet is missing.
  • It's anonymous and safe for you, but very effective.
  • To see some of our results visit our Articles page.
March 07 Survey
72% of animals listed with the Lost Pet Finders are reunited with their owners.
And the winner is....
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Congratulations to....
Debbie T*****S
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