"The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white.
Neither need you do anything but be yourself "


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Tools & Rituals ~ Missing Animals ~ Bibi's Story ~ Website Updates ~ Testimonials
From Leah.... "Tools & Rituals" to enhance Animal Intuition!

Most people who have not experienced an animal communication Session do not know what to expect. They wonder, will I walk in wearing long flowing skirts with scarves, hoop earrings & carrying giant crystal balls reminiscent of the old stereotypes. Or, do I walk in holding a bible and crucifix uttering bizarre chants and prayers before anointing the animals feet! You can all breathe a giant sigh of relief because I am neither of the above. I am just me!

It is quite easy to get caught up in metaphysical hoo-ha and believe that in order to talk with an animal you need to hold this crystal or to say that prayer. Not so! You already have all of the necessary tools – YOU! 

In fact, you were most open and receptive to animal communication when you were first born – no special clothes, books, crystals, oils or prayers. You were a squeaky clean, brand spanking new (or old!) soul in a little squishy suit - perfect!

I am not disregarding the power of these “tools & rituals”. They are very powerful when used with the purest of intentions. I meditate, I own a number of crystals, I burn oils, I read loads of books and I do pray and believe in a higher power, whether it be God, Holy Spirit, Source, Allah, Buddha, Mary, Jesus Christ, Mother Earth (take your pick according to your choice of faith). I believe in archangels, guardian angels, guides (living and in spirit), fairies & talking animals!

I do all of the above because I feel good when I use them!, but I don’t need them! There is a difference. It is not the object or ritual – it is how they make you feel that counts.
When you feel happy, powerful, confident, calm & grounded; your energy vibrates at such a high level that your channels for animal (& psychic) intuition are open for business! This is why children can communicate with animals so easily, they hold no attachments, regularly play, laugh & have fun (just like our animal friends!)

All you need is faith, confidence and the realization that you are a very powerful being as you are – without all of the bells and whistles! Don’t get addicted or hooked on the idea that if you hold an Amethyst or Clear Quartz Crystal you will automatically start hearing animals voices. By all means enjoy them, but don't fall into the false sense that they will magically open up your channels of communication. The magic is within you & these "tools and rituals" enhance your magic!!

So, roll around on the grass with your dogs, chase a toy mouse with your cats, run around the paddock with your horses, get your birds to open nuts in their shell for you and the messages will pour in – then go jump in your rose scented bath, surrounded by crystals, meditate and say a prayer of gratitude for what you have just experienced & shared with your best friend!

.......Leah xxx
Client Stories by Leah.... Hugo / Bibi

The first time I saw Bibi was on the Parrot Rescue Centre newsletter. Bibi had recently been surrendered and was known as “Hugo”. I looked at the photo and heard the word “reproductive”, but ignored it. Then shortly afterwards, Zarita who owns and operates the Parrot Rescue Centre booked a telephone consultation for Hugo.

The Parrot Rescue Centre has many wonderful birds, but every now and then one comes along and shouts “I’m extra special!” Zarita felt this from the moment she met Hugo and felt she had to know more. A number of days before booking the reading Hugo had his veterinary health check and it was discovered that “He” is more than likely a “She” and apart from being underweight and neglected she was o.k. just in need of some love and care.

Many companion parrots pluck, chew or mutilate their feathers. I am always fascinated to know why one bird plucks from the chest and another from its legs. Why does one chew its wings or tail where another will mutilate the neck or abdominal regions? Why does that bird choose that body part? What are they trying to tell us? Following is just a fraction of what Hugo had to say.

Hugo confirmed that He is definitely a She! She is between 12 and 15 years of age and has been suffering a major identity crisis. Being mistaken for a male was having such a detrimental effect on her that she resorted to extreme lengths to “show everyone that she is a girl”! by exposing the regions of the body that define her as being female – her “reproductive” area and breastbone! (Remember I heard the word reproductive when I first saw her photo!). We discussed the idea of giving her a new name since Hugo is not a very “girly” name. She liked the name “Diva” because she is divine and likes music & dancing. Unfortunately the Parrot Rescue Centre already has a bird named Diva. So we decided that both her and Zarita would find a new name together. After our reading Zarita found the name “Bibi” which is Arabic for “Lady”, we got a big thumbs up and Bibi it is!

Bibi told me that she had not been abused, just neglected. She taught herself to ration her food and water not knowing when she was going to receive fresh supplies, her toe was damaged & lost in an accident in her cage/aviary, she suffered muscular weakness and sometimes had to sleep on the floor when her only perch fell. She confirmed that she did not receive fresh branches, leaves, nuts or perches and nothing to entertain and stimulate her. Bibi had a number of personal messages for Zarita, she explained why she is so special and her reasons for being there!

I am pleased to tell you all that Bibi is now a happy, confident and healthy young lady. Her feathers are starting to grow back. Bibi is a permanent resident of the Parrot Rescue Centre where she receives endless amounts of love, cuddles, a healthful variety of food to eat, things to chew and music to sing and dance too!

"Hi Leah,
Bibi is doing great! After our consultation her whole attitude changed for the better! She is much happier and more confident. She doesn't seem to be plucking & has started to get some new feathers. She really is a little Lady! I felt such a special connection with her while we were talking and I am so pleased to have found out everything that makes her so special. I frequently tell her what a beautiful girl she is and have taken her advice on the other things we talked about. It feels so great to know more about her and why she is with me"
.......Yours sincerely, Zarita Garozzo -
The Parrot Rescue Centre
Spotlight on... Missing Animals

We receive many phone calls and e-mails asking if Leah can help locate lost animals. Each case is different. On first contact Leah will receive an instinctual feeling as to whether or not she is the right person to help. During a “missing animal” consultation Leah’s objective is not so much to “find the animal”, but to “heal the situation”.  The situation can be healed in many ways – a happy reunion, a message from spirit or even a compromise and negotiation on conditions for returning!

Prior to a reading Leah offers the client an opportunity to decide on how much information they are prepared to hear.

If your animal is lost, trapped or taken in by someone else she may receive information on the location from her/his perspective. The animal may even give you instructions on what you are to do! If they are injured, sick or have passed into spirit you must be emotionally ready to hear it. Some animals even choose to leave their homes (for many reasons), this can be very difficult for a lot of people to understand.

Tracking an animal is very taxing on everyone involved.  Animals have life plans to fulfil and choices to make just like we do. And they have “free will”, Leah cannot make an animal return home anymore than she could a human in the same situation. And remember we live in a constantly changing universe and what is said and done today, may not apply tomorrow!

Testimonial....Toni Horsley
Hi Leah,

I am still blown away by our session and have been recommending you to lots of people. I was left quite high from my chat with Merlot and our relationship has definitely shifted.

He had his two days out in the big paddock with the other horses and grazed enough so he didn't lose weight. He has been behaving impeccably as well. But what stood out is the blast of energy and love that I got from him when we were talking.

Milli also seems alot happier with me although she's still swiping the kitten at every opportunity. She's returned to my bed at night which I am very pleased about. It seems as though I may be forgiven but not the kitten at this stage.

Anyway, thank you so much for your help. If you get any further information from them I would love to know (ie; was Merlot okay with his two days out, does he want it every week?) I will also call you again for a session with my daughter's pony - she's desperate to talk to hers now! And I'm sure some friends will call you.

kind regards,
toni horsley

What's New on our web site?.....
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Beginning in September, we will be conducting a monthly drawing from our Members list for a free telephone consultation with Leah.
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You can choose to have the consultation for yourself or give it to a friend or family member. We will keep you posted. Our first winner will be notified via e-mail and on our October Newsletter.
Web site Updates

We are constantly refining and improving the Animal Instincts web site, to help you understand Animal Intuition & Healing and what we are all about and how we do it.

In the last week we have Added the following pages:

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And we have revised the following pages:
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More Frequently Asked Questions - answered!
Did you know....Leah Volunteers
If you own or work for an organisation or business that cares for &/or houses animals Leah would love to hear from you. Perhaps you know of someone who needs an extra pair of hands to assist them with their daily duties. Whether it be an animal shelter, animal hospital, veterinary clinic or privately run rescue establishment we can organise for Leah to volunteer her time. Days available are limited so if you or your friends are interested please contact us.
From Leah's Library ...

The Reconnection
Heal Others, Heal Yourself
Animal Angels:
Amazing Acts of Love and Compassion
Dr. Eric Pearl
Stephanie Laland
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