If you want facts about a dog,
get them straight from the dog.
If you want opinions,
get them from the humans!
....J Allen Boone "Kinship With All Life"
Welcome to the first Animal Instincts On-Line Newsletter! We have had such a positive and overwhelming response for our Newsletter, that we have decided to make it a monthly event. Many of our members are excited to learn more about Animal Communication, keep up to date with the services on offer, suggested reading and links, client stories and testimonials and the overall success and recognition that Animal Instincts is receiving!

A big thank you to all of the Animal Instincts clients and members. We hope you enjoy all forthcoming Newsletters and look forward to hearing from you soon....
From Leah.... Who Are My Clients?
I am so very blessed to have the pleasure of meeting so many wise and inspiring clients (& their people!) on a daily basis. My clients have four legs, two legs, no legs, fins & wings..although it is their dutiful people who organise & pay for it, my clients are the animals themselves!

My Animal Communication abilities are the results of a long journey of self discovery, personal growth and guidance from people who love & support me, the animals in my life - past and present and (yes, I am going to say it....) those never ending voices & visions in my head that constantly give me hints, tips, ideas, direction, warnings & blessings.
I sometimes visualize my spiritual guides and angels sitting right by me doing Hi 5's when I finally take notice of those voices and visions (otherwise known as my instinct and intuition!) It must be frustrating for them since they give us so much help and put the signs right in front of us..and yet we can be so stubborn, choose to take the easy road or ignore them completely. There are signs everywhere! I am slowly learning to not only acknowledge "the signs" and my inner guidance - but actually do something about it. Learning to listen to your own inner communication is an integral step in learning to communicate with animals.

When it comes to communicating with animals (our living spiritual guides, teachers and healers) there is no easy road...but once you get going it is fun, enlightening, humbling and very gratifying.

I am looking forward to sharing my stories and experiences with you. All I can hope for, is that I continue to be a worthy receiver & deliverer of love, lessons and knowledge from our animals to you!
I am honoured each time one of them chooses me to help them help you!!
.......Leah xxx
Client Stories....
a.k.a "Professor Leo"

Written by Leah Petersen on behalf of Leo's people!

Allow me to introduce Leo. He may be small, but he is incredibly powerful, comes fully loaded with attitude and has a very important job which has lead us to now call him "Professor Leo".
Our animal companions are all with us for a purpose and Leo's purpose is becoming increasingly evident as he and his people display "similar" ailments. Leo's people, Fred & Pauline are in their early 60's and did not realise the impact Leo's own ailments would have on their lives - that is until I explained to them - what Leo was trying to tell (or in his case) "show" them!

Approximately 18 months ago Leo began developing incredibly painful impacted anal glands.

This was something new for him & it occurred on more than one occasion. After consulting the veterinarian Leo was given cortisone and the glands emptied. This treatment surely did ease his pain and the visible symptoms. Then 6 months later - Fred (Leo's "Dad") was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer & the tumour was located in the rectum! Just as Leo had swollen glands in his rectum - his dad had a tumour in the very same region.

Then the time came for surgery and Fred has an amazing story to tell. Due to the nature & location of the tumour and other medical conditions the surgery was long and complicated, but Fred had nothing to worry about because Leo was right there with him. Whilst Fred was under the anesthetic he vividly remembers Leo being there guiding the surgeons and making sure they were doing everything correctly. Not only was Leo there providing insightful guidance but he was dressed like a Professor - with white coat and all. He was actively circulating the operating table ensuring that the surgeons "got it all", checking the progress and making sure all the finishing stitches and staples were in place. The interesting part to this story is that Fred was able to witness his own surgery through Leo's eyes and was able to recount to the nurses and doctors everything that had gone on in the operating theatre! And they were able to verify all of it! Needless to say, they were quite amazed by the idea that this was possible.

Leo continues to display more traits of Mirroring (or Reflecting) physical conditions. He has been having intermittent problems with his back knee - Fred also has a bad knee. Leo has begun having issues with his teeth - Fred also has similar teeth problems.

After discussing this with Leo's people they are now more in tune and taking notice of what ailments or symptoms he displays. They then need to take a look at their own bodies, physical condition and lives in general to see if Leo is infact trying to tell them something important. Chances are - he is!

Leo is a treasure and a wonderful example of how our beloved animal companions will absorb our energies and literally manifest a medical condition as a way to tell us to take a look at our selves and what is going on in our lives. I feel privileged to learn from him.

So, next time your animal friend develops a callous or bed sore ask your self "Am I sitting in the one place for too long, afraid to move ahead in life" Thank them for showing you this, tell them that you understand and that they do not need to show you anymore...and get going..take the plunge and move on to whatever your heart desires! I bet your animals callous will soon disappear!

P.S. Leo has not displayed any signs of compacted Anal Glands since his owners diagnosis & surgery!
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Suggested Reading...

Genre: Animal Communication Genre: Animal & Human Bonds
Title: Kinship With All Life Title: Animals as Teachers and Healers

J. Allen Boone

Susan Chernak McElroy
For anyone who loves animals, for all those who have ever experienced the special devotion only a pet can bring, Kinship With All Life is a delight. Written in the 50's, this is a pioneering book about one mans discovery of the ability to communicate with all animals and the lessons they teach him about life! A small but incredibly powerful book that you will read over and over. Light reading and Boone's sense of humour make this a book that you will read over and over, each time learning something new.
A collection of true stories of the amazing healing and teaching power of animals and how they enrich our lives. We learn of wonderful cats, dogs, horses, dolphins, birds, deer and the many other animals who have helped people as guides, guardians, soul-menders and comforters in many extraordinary and uplifting ways. The ultimate goal of this book is to elevate the status and significance of animals, which is long overdue!
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