Imagination is more important than knowledge

....Albert Einstein

This Month...
Animals Communicating in our dreams ~ Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs ~ Pippin!

From Leah.... In your dreams!
Our dreams are such a complex yet intriguing aspect of our spiritual selves and there is such a wealth of information being downloaded whilst we sleep every night. In fact the manner in which we dream is very similar to how we communicate with our animal friends - via symbolic imagery & feelings. We also hear the audible "words", but these are primarily used for our benefit, because that is the language we use and know so well. However, the images and feelings are what really stay with us when we awake.

I personally experienced a huge in-flow of very powerful dreams when I began to realise my potential as an animal communicator. Shortly after our Nowra passed into spirit I began to use the Brain Sync meditation CD's at night before sleep.

Now, I still do not know if what occurred next is the result of the CD's, Nowra's transition to the "other side" or because it was simply my time to re-awaken my abilities, but for months on end I began having extraordinary dreams. In time I have come to understand that my dreams were in fact "astral travels". I had heard of "astral travelling" but always thought it was something a bit "out there" and not something that I could or ever would experience! I vividly remembering waking up because I had stopped breathing and upon waking I would feel that "sucking" feeling, which I now know to be your "soul self" returning to the body. After waking I would write or more like scribble (in the dark!!) everything that had just happened, I now have countless "journeys" scribbled down. Even though I have written them down - the experiences were so real that I can still remember all the details of each and every one. I now constantly have dreams filled with some type of "animal" theme!

Just this week I had another very powerful dream that I would love to share with you. It goes something like this; I was walking through some scrub and bush land when I happened to notice a most beautiful (yellow, white and black striped) snake on a tree that I had to pass. I turned sideways to try and sneak past the snake - but it still managed to strike and bite me. Not only did it strike, but it latched on to my body. As I looked down to see where I had been bitten I noticed (what I thought to be) a young wild cat with colourings similar a lion or young cheetah. Funnily enough, the "wild" cat was wearing a collar with a rope attached. I vividly remember thinking "oh, you have escaped from somewhere - you are not wild at all". I looked back at the snake and couldn't see where it was on my body, then I looked once again at the cat who walked away.

The dream plagued my thoughts. The snake was so unusual looking and I could not make sense of the whole "brief" scenario. So I filed it away in the "can't figure that one out" dream box!

Two days after this "dream" I received a Consultation Request from a lovely lady whose cat had been missing for five days. We scheduled a telephone consultation for early the following morning. I received the photo of "Brodie" and immediately new that he was not in trouble and was still alive.

From that point on I was "receiving" bits and pieces of information from Brodie - primarily that he was either already home or on his way home. An hour before our scheduled appointment time I grabbed Brodies photo and had good look at it. And, can you believe it...the cat in the photo looked exactly like the cat in my dream. It all came flooding back and the dream finally made sense. 1. The cat was Brodie. 2. He was wearing a collar - to represent that this was a domestic cat, 3. The rope was to tell me that he had escaped or run away from something & 4. The snake & it's bite was simply there to make sure I noticed Brodie and remembered the whole scenario!

How truly amazing Brodie is..to come to me two days before I had spoken to his "person". And YES, Brodie had infact returned home that night!

Animals communicate with us in so many different ways it is up to us to maintain an open mind and awareness to be able to understand them and the messages they send us.
.......Leah xxx
Beautiful Berners - Caite & Bernie's Visit......
Bernie & Caite

I recently fell in love..again! I was very privileged recently, to meet two very special Bernese Mountain Dogs...Caite & Bernie! The seven and a half year old, brother and sister team made a special house call - they came to my house! Caite & Bernie are seasoned travellers making friends everywhere they go, including my very own household! I was chided for using the word "famous" but, they did tell me that they are very well known & talked about. Gosh, they are magnificent inside and out!

Heather and John are Caite & Bernie's people. They are currently travelling around Queensland and made a special trip to visit me for an In-person reading. We all had a great time discussing everything from how Caite & Bernie feel about travelling, their diet & nutrition and even a request to dress up at Christmas time and deliver gifts to children!

For any of you who haven't heard of this wonderful bread of dog, their origins are not well documented. It is said that the early Romans brought the breed to Switzerland as farming & herding dogs. Eventually the Swiss people recognized many good qualities of this magnificent breed. It is was in the locality of Bern that " Berners" as they are called, were first used to pull carts of butter and cream. Bernese are known for their strength in pulling carts (draught dogs), for climbing & agility, for their joyful exuberance and undeniable loving nature. More information can be found at www.berner.org. Infact many Berner Clubs hold special Cart pulling competitions, the dogs truly love doing it!

Bernie was the "spokes dog" & told me that it is no coincidence that they are travelling around with Heather and John, who happen to being towing a caravan, since Berners are the experts at pulling / towing large loads. Bernie is John's right hand man in navigating, driving and pulling their caravan!

We couldn't help ourselves and had to grab a photo of our new friends. I would like to send my personal thanks to Heather and John for such a wonderful visit. We wish them all safe and happy travels. I just love my job!

New Team Member .... Pippin
We would like to introduce our new team member, her name is Pippin! She is a Corella/Galah cross, is two and a half years old and is such a sweetheart! Plus, it seems as though her role is to bring prosperity and abundance to our home and professional lives...

We adopted Pippin from The Parrot Rescue Centre where she was surrendered because her previous people had to relocate overseas and couldn't take her with them.

Welcome home Pippin! Big hugs to Zarita at the PRC!
Animal Communication Exercise...Dreamtime Help!


Since we are on the topic of dreams, have you ever considered communicating with your animals whilst you are asleep?

This is a really fun exercise to try....and it works!
Just as you are drifting off to sleep, visualize the animal with whom you would like to communicate with.
Look into their eyes think about how much you love them.
Think about the issue, problem or topic you would like their help with. You can ask anything of them; for example:
  • Ask them to explain a behaviour they are doing.
  • Ask them to show you how they feel, if they are sick and what you need to do to help them feel better.
  • Ask them what you need to do to be able to hear/see/feel their messages with clarity.
  • Ask them for advice on a problem you are currently dealing with.
Thank them for their assistance and ask that you be able to remember the dream and all that they have said.
Don't worry if you can't remember. If your intentions were pure, they would most definitely be working with you....it just may not be in the way you expect. The answer may not come that following day but it will come.
Don't keep continually asking the same question, have the faith to know that they have heard you and are working on it!
Just for fun... Angelic Alarm Clock


Turn off your alarm clock

wake up!
2. Just before going to sleep, tell your angels/spirit guides/the universe or your animal friend what time you would like to be woken up the next morning.
3. What you will find is that you WILL wake up at the precise time you requested. A number of divine processes are at work. Your animal may come and wake you, a neighbours dog may bark, a noisy car might drive by, the phone may ring, your partner might snore (louder than usual)......what ever it is that wakes you is the result of an orchestration of events that have been put into place especially for you, by those beings who are there for us whenever we need them! All we have to do is ask!
*Don't leave your alarm clock on as a "back up" - that's like saying "I don't trust you"
*Don't try this for the first time on the morning of a very important meeting or if you intend to catch a very expensive international flight!!!!

From Leah's Library ...
Marta Williams
Learning their Language by Marta Williams

This is one of the first Animal Communication books I read. It helped me to understand that I was not "nuts" and that yes...the animals were talking to me and that they could in turn hear and see my inner thoughts.
I love this book because Marta is like us...an ordinary person. Her background is science based, which makes her story even more interesting.
She also includes a number of good exercises that you can do on your own!
Leah's Fav Links...
A great resourceful web site for everything Spiritual, Inspirational and Faith based. It covers the lot!
HayHouse Radio - Radio for your Soul
Hayhouse Radio
Hear some of Americas great motivational and inspirational speakers and authors right here on Hayhouse Radio. Listen live through your P.C. or you can even download regular shows straight to your ipod. Another great resource where you can expand your awareness and hear from like minded people. Listeners can call in and speak to their favourite authors, speakers or intuitives.

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